Lagrange Point

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These videos are to be played simultaneously, in any order, in any number. They sound together to create your own setting of Lagrange Point.

You can start or stop them as you wish, listen to many or a few. Each time you load the page, the videos will display in a different order.
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Jordan Nobles – composer

Negative Zed Ensemble
Mark Takeshi McGregor – flute, alto flute
Geronimo Mendoza – oboe, english horn
Liam Hockley – clarinet, bass clarinet
Katelin Coleman – bassoon
Colin MacDonald – alto saxophone
Dorothea Hayley – soprano
Julia Chien – glockenspiel
Martin Fisk – vibraphone
Katie Rife – marimba
Janelle Nadeau – harp
Danielle Marcinek – piano
Adrian Verdejo – classical and acoustic guitars
Saina Khaledi – santour
Dailin Hsieh – zheng
Nicole Ge Li – erhu
Parmela Attariwala – violin
Sarah Kwok – viola
Alasdair Money – cello
Mark Haney – doublebass

Individual videos recorded in isolation or at the Canadian Music Centre in Vancouver, BC.
Edited by Jordan Nobles. Site design by Katie Rife.

Extended version album available on Redshift Records.

Supported by the Province of British Columbia

Redshift Media and Lagrange Point are a project of the Redshift Music Society.