Unaccompanied features video performances of Canadian works written for solo instruments. All performances were filmed in the Murray Adaskin Salon at the Canadian Music Centre BC, in partnership with the Redshift Music Society.

Full list of performances:

  1. Mark Takeshi McGregor, flute, performing Four Directions by Jennifer Butler
  2. Mark Haney, contrabass, performing Stone by Veronica Krausas
  3. Dory Hayley, soprano, performing Postcard Pieces by Christopher Reiche
  4. Colin MacDonald, saxophone, performing Fifth Hour at the Dance Party by John Oliver
  5. Katelin Coleman, bassoon, performing Vocalise No.2 by Murray Adaskin
  6. Aaron Graham, marimba, performing Comb and a Glass by Lucas Oickle
  7. Parmela Attariwala, violin, performing Requiem by Otto Joachim
  8. Adrian Verdejo, electric guitar, performing Meditations 1 by Michael Trew
  9. Katie Rife, vibraphone, performing Nostalgia by Vincent Ho 
  10. Molly MacKinnon, violin, performing Caprice No. 7 (Le départ d’un train) by Sophie-Carmen Eckhardt-Gramatté 
  11. Laine Longton, cello, performing Grief by Raymond Luedeke
  12. Liam Hockley, clarinet, performing Grace Period by Jeffrey Ryan
  13. Kristen Cooke, oboe, performing Still  by Dorothy Chang
  14. Holly Bryan, french horn, performing Idiom for French horn by Elizabeth Raum
  15. Michael Park, speaking pianist, performing The Loneliest Piano by Paul McIntyre
  16. Paolo Bortolussi, flute, performing Velour by Jocelyn Morlock
  17. Avan Yu, piano, performing Glass Houses No.2 by Ann Southam
  18. Noel McRobbie, piano, performing Rhapsody for Rachmaninoff  by Michael Conway Baker
  19. Valerie Whitney, french horn, performing Prayers of St. Augustine by Erika Raum
  20. Isidora Nojkovic, violoncello, performing Song by Taylor Brook
  21. Rachel Kiyo Iwaasa, piano, performing Music for Piano by Alexina Louie
  22. Jeremy Berkman, trombone, performing Trombone Walking from Owen Underhill 
  23. Anna Pietrzak, classical guitar, performing Sicilienne  by Harry Freedman
  24. Julia Nolan, alto saxophone, performing Luminous Blue from Jeffrey Ryan
  25. Müge Büyükçelen, violin, performing Stand Still by Michael Oesterle
  26. Dai Lin Hsieh, zheng, performing Breath/Balance by Dorothy Chang
  27. Barbara Ebbeson, voice, performing The Gentlest Chord by Barbara Monk Feldman
  28. Rebecca Wenham, cello, performing  Ricercar by Linda Catlin Smith
  29. Leslie Dala, piano, performing by Trois Morceaux en Forme de Satie by Jordan Nobles
  30. Julia Chien, percussion, performing Five diversions for xylophone by Arsenio Giron
  31. Joy Yeh, harp, performing Six Etudes by Rodney Sharman
  32. Saina Khaledi, santour, performing Prosperity by Saina Khaledi
  33. Geronimo Mendoza, oboe, performing Deux monodies by Suzanne Hébert-Tremblay
  34. Dorothea Hayley, soprano, performing As ordinary as Stars by Jennifer Butler
  35. Paul Hung, flute, performing Wild Cat by Stephen Chatman
  36. Solie Stratkauskas, baroque flute, performing The necklace of clear understanding by Rudolf Komorous
  37. Michelle Goddard, clarinet, performing Field Music by Emily Doolittle
  38. Katelin Coleman, bassoon, performing Solo by John Beckwith
  39. AK Coope, clarinet, performing Leaning by Brian Harman
  40. Sarah Kwok, viola, performing Pièce Brève by Isabelle Panneton
  41. Jeremy Vint, trumpet, performing Aubade by R. Murray Schafer
  42. Genevieve MacKay, viola, performing The Memory of Waves by Rose Bolton
  43. Heather Beaty, baroque flute, performing Fern by Anna Höstman
  44. Rebecca Whitling, violin, performing Thirst and Quenching by Kati Agócs
  45. Miranda Wong, piano, performing 3 Ländler from Con Intimissimo Sentimento by Marc-André Hamelin
  46. Will George, tenor, performing Whitman’s Commandments by Leila Lustig
  47. Vern Griffiths, glockenspiel, performing Oneliner by Edward Top
  48. Mark Takeshi McGregor, bass flute, performing Wandering Somewhere by Maria Eduarda Mendes Martins
  49. Heather Pawsey, soprano voice, performing Scintillator by Alex Eddington
  50. Russell Wallace, voice and drum, performing Song for Transformation and Revolution by Russell Wallace