Cumulonimbus is part a of joint project by the Arizona State University’s Symphony Orchestra and Wind Ensemble.
Music composed by Jordan Nobles and commissioned by Arizona State University.
Ensembles directed by Jeffery Meyer and Jason Caslor.

Trumpet 1: Buddy Deshler; Trumpet 2: Brandon Dicks; Trumpet 3: Michael Peery
Flugelhorn 1: Sam Oatts; Flugelhorn 2: Paul Reid
French Horn 1 and 2: Matthew Mikhailov
Trombone 1: Sean Holly; Trombone 2: Ben Hazel; Trombone 3: William Kurth
Bass Trombone: Joel Rangel
Euphonium 1: Kelli Duncan; Euphonium 2 and 3: Elijah Ramirez
Tuba: Phoenix Hanes
Timpani: Chris Goulet

These videos are to be played simultaneously, in any order, in any number. They sound together to create your own setting of Cumulonimbus. You can start or stop the videos as you wish, listen to many or a few. Each listening experience is unique.

Listening suggestions: try just the high instruments (trumpets and flugelhorns), or just the low instruments (trombones, tuba, and euphoniums), or listen to any combination you choose. Please note that viewing multiple videos is not supported on mobiles or iOS devices.  

This project is comprised of four compositions for a spatialized (or isolated) ensemble, one for each section of the orchestra/band and inspired by a different type of cloud:

Asperitas – for WIND ensemble:
Cumulonimbus – for BRASS ensemble:
Noctilucent – for PERCUSSION ensemble:
Cirrostratus – for STRING orchestra: