Redshift Music Society, in partnership with the Canadian Music Centre BC, is pleased to present Unaccompanied, a new online concert series featuring video recordings of live performances of Canadian works written for solo instruments.

Full list of performances:

Mark Takeshi McGregor, flute – performing Four Directions by Jennifer Butler

Mark Haney, contrabass – performing Stone by Veronica Krause

Dory Hayley, soprano – performing Postcard Pieces by Christopher Reiche

Colin MacDonald, saxophone – performing Fifth Hour at the Dance Party by John Oliver

Katelin Coleman, bassoon – performing Vocalise No.2 by Murray Adaskin

Parmela Attariwala, violin – performing Requiem by Otto Joachim

Aaron Graham, marimba – performing Comb and a Glass by Lucas Oickle

Adrian Verdejo, electric guitar – performing Meditations 1 by Michael Trew

Katie Rife, vibraphone – performing Nostalgia by Vincent Ho 

Molly MacKinnon, violin – performing Caprice No. 7 (Le départ d’un train) by Sophie-Carmen Eckhardt-Gramatté 

Laine Longton, cello – performing Grief by Raymond Luedeke

Liam Hockley, clarinet – performing Grace Period by Jeffrey Ryan

Kristen Cooke, oboe – performing Still  by Dorothy Chang

Holly Bryan, french horn – performing Idiom for French horn by Elizabeth Raum

Michael Park, speaking pianist – performing The Loneliest Piano by Paul McIntyre

Paolo Bortolussi, flute – performing Velour by Jocelyn Morlock

Avan Yu, piano – performing Glass Houses No.2 by Ann Southam

Noel McRobbie, piano – performing Rhapsody for Rachmaninoff  by Michael Conway Baker

Valerie Whitney, french horn – performing Prayers of St. Augustine by Erika Raum

Isidora Nojkovic, violoncello – performing Song by Taylor Brook

Rachel Kiyo Iwaasa, piano – performing Music for Piano by Alexina Louie

Jeremy Berkman, trombone – performing Trombone Walking from Owen Underhi 

Anna Pietrzak, classical guitar – performing Sicilienne  by Harry Freedman

Julia Nolan, alto saxophone – performing Luminous Blue from Jeffrey Ryan

Müge Büyükçelen, violin – performing Stand Still by Michael Oesterle

Dailin Hsieh, zheng – performing breath/balance by Dorothy Chang

Barbara Ebbeson, mezzo soprano – performing The Gentlest Chord by Barbara Monk Feldman

Rebecca Wenham, cello – performing Ricercar by Linda Catlin Smith

Leslie Dala, piano – performing Trois Morceaux en Forme de Satie by Jordan Nobles

Julia Chien, xylophone – performing Five diversions for xylophone by Arsenio Giron

Joy Yeh, Celtic harp – performing Six Etudes by Rodney Sharman

Saina Khaledi, santour – performing Prosperity by Saina Khaledi